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Warm Fuzzy

People have been asking me for days if I have read Ray Ozzie's post on WinFS. I finally took the time read it slowly and enjoy. Makes me feel good about what I'm working so hard to accomplish.

But you know what... posts like Matthew Mastracci's are the really valuable ones. Challenging our assumptions. There are some interesting comments in Robert Scoble's response as well.

A few specific points:

1) “...I can't see how calling the WinFS APIs is any different than calling the vCard/EXIF/ID3 APIs directly”: Each of those APIs (if you can call a file format an API) is different. The WinFS API provides a common programming model for working with all kinds of meta-data. This programming model fits in with the rest of WinFX, creating yet another kind of network effect resulting in increased programmer productivity. Also note that WinFS doesn't devalue these formats, it just provides a common way to program and search them.

2) “How does the record executive get his contact for 'Marvin Gaye' to link to a list of albums and lyrics, while ensuring that my friend Marvin Gaye's address isn't associated for any of the same things.”: Yep, this is one of our hard questions. What fault is there in WinFS for trying to solve this problem or even simply providing a platform that can be used by an ISV to solve the problem?

3) “The existance of an open data format doesn't mean that your favorite (or mission-critical) application stores its data in the open!”: But providing a simple standard store that is integrated with the shell and many Windows applications will provide a reason for such mission-critical applications to use WinFS for “offline” scenarios. WinFS security will make this data at least as secure as saving it an XML document, an Excel spreadsheet or an Access database, which is what people do with this data today when they go on a business trip.

4) “What I see in WinFS is the Windows-centric design philosophy”: Yes. So? We are investing a lot in making Windows the best platform out there. If it ends up being better then Linux... sorry. But I don't buy into the second part of the statement: everyone is using Windows, so we can just assume that all of their data will be somewhere in the Windows domain!” The WinFS sync infrastructure will allow data to be moved into and out of WinFS as needed. The back end data sources don't have to be Windows. The work we are doing to support XML data in WinFS is also an indication that we don't believe all data is somewhere in the Windows domain.

posted on Wednesday, November 19, 2003 11:11 PM

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